A few years ago, I was shocked when I heard one conversation: In Australia, if the relationship break up  after you have lived together with one boyfriend or girlfriend for  a couple of years, then the rich side will lose half property by giving to the poor side unless the agreement is made beforehand. In order to confirm the exact time period, I asked one Aussie friend, instead of answering my question, he sent me a link regarding De facto relationships, my god, I was nearly fainted, how can it be so complicated HKUE ENG?

You know me; the most subject I hate was law at the Uni. I am here only for writing a blog for confirmed information, anyway, no worries how long. But one thing is certain, please don’t tell me you heart is breaking one day if you surprisingly receive a letter for attending the court, as a result, you might either have to sell your property or give half of money to the other side even no marriage relationship. I had one Aussie lady told me: “Don’t trust guys, they are all lazy and hopeless” after she lost her half house. And one Aussie guy said: “ All women are bad.” when he lost half of his fortune, as he is a very hard-working man and his wife is a drunk, they just being together for many years for having 1 kid with no marriage certificate. The situation is the same married or not married. So please don’t try to change your fortune from marrying a rich person, rich people are more cautious for being cheated, they are not stupid HKUE amec.

In this case, a rich person is not necessarily as fortunate as a poor one. As a poor person, someone loves you, most likely that’s true love, for a rich one, you never know, someone is interested in yourself or getting benefit from you unless the financial status is similar for a couple.

I used to hate regulations very much, as I mentioned in one blog “I love my home in Melbourne”, I rent an apartment the first 2 years. I was really frustrated the time when I moved in. I had to book the date with our reception for moving my furniture, and the time was limited: must move after 8:00am, no weekends available (now it’s getting better), the problem was the furniture I bought at IKEA, I was informed the delivery time was before 8:00am. How it could be possible, one before 8:00am, the other was after. I discussed with both side, the response was: “Sorry, we can’t change time.” That stressed me out, I hate this country, and I really hate it. Lucky enough, that day, the delivery from IKEA was delay because of accident happened HKUE ENG.

However, every year when I was on holidays in Shanghai, I felt very uncomfortable whenever I saw the scratches or marks on the stairs or the elevators from both mine and my parents’ apartment. I was wondering why it was so careless, where’s the body corporate? Were they on duty?  Why they left common area look so dirty without considering paint it new every a few years as the labour is not that expensive in China.